Government Contracting Services

Government Contracting

Contracting for the Federal Government can prove to be extremely rewarding. To be a successful government contractor, your accounting system and business processes need to be Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliant. An effective Government contract accounting system relies heavily on a solid foundation. Our firm can ease the burden and stress around the entire process. We provide a host of services including DCAA Compliant Accounting System setup and maintenance, Contract Management Support, Financial & Business Management Consulting and much more.

Accounting Support

Our firm provides various levels of accounting support to government contractors. Effective government contract accounting systems, and effective policies and procedures are critical components in government contract management and are necessary in providing a solid foundation for businesses who desire to contract for the federal government. Our firm specializes in DCAA compliant accounting systems setup and maintenance providing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Financial Statements aligned with federal accounting requirements including Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We not only provide outsourced (monthly) accounting & bookkeeping services but also specialize in incurred cost submission support and preparation, invoicing support & preparation, job cost reporting, and DCAA audit support to include DCAA pre-award surveys and accounting system review support.

Contract Management Support

While a compliant accounting system is necessary to contract with the government, contact oversight and management is just as important. At Mazzie & Co we specialize in providing various levels of contract support to assist your business through the entire process. From the initial bid/proposal all the way through award, contract performance, and contract close out our specialists will provide the necessary guidance and insight to remain compliant with various regulations including DCAA, FAR, DFAR, DCMA, and various other terms and compliance requirements through the entire process. Our team is excited to assist your business with proposal review and preparation, cost/pricing preparation/review, contract negotiation, subcontract management, contract modifications and change orders, and contract close-out and terminations.

Financial & Business Management Consulting

At our firm we believe in going above and beyond for our clients in an effort to make their day-to-day operations as seamless as possible. We understand that a full time CFO can prove to be a large expense for a small or mid-size business however, we also understand the great value a CFO can provide. As a result, Mazzie & Co offers numerous outsourced CFO services to assist our clients in making informed and educated financial and contractual decisions. Some CFO services our firm offers include annual budget preparation and review, project performance monitoring, provisional rate proposal support, incurred cost proposal support, and indirect rate management to name a few. All to often most small businesses overlook the benefit of having a CFO guide them through the twists and turns ahead. At Mazzie & Co we take great pride in assisting our clients strategically on numerous fronts to obtain business growth and successful outcomes on all financial and contractual fronts!